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HANA table instruction from vendor experts


OR Futures helps develop confidence in novice operating room nurses before entering the environment. Students are guided in the patient care activities they will need to perform, as well as with opportunities to practice the processes they have read about in the modules and learned under the tutelage of the education specialist. They receive one-on-one instruction and feedback for improving these skills in a non-threatening and stress-free environment.

In person skills lab on instrument handling and use in the operating room.


With the OR Futures training model’s blend of specific readings, videos, and computer based modules, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the perioperative environment, operating room standards, and hospital policies.

Safe positioning of patients performed in the skills-lab portion of the program.


We ensure meticulous implementation of key components for a safe perioperative experience through demonstrations, reviews, and return demonstrations. This assessment covers crucial aspects like equipment operation, sterile techniques, pressure prevention, and readiness for emergencies. Our overarching goal is to uphold a heightened safety standard throughout the surgical process.

Scrubbing, gowning and gloving to prepare for clinical rotation in the scrub observation role.


Detailed instruction and practice is provided to introduce the correct methods for opening and delivering instruments and supplies to the sterile field, moving safely around it, and maintaining an acute awareness of aseptic technique. Several occasions are presented to scrub in for surgery in order to improve circulating  skills.

Safe handling and use of power equipment used in surgery.


Students receive numerous hands-on training opportunities. Instruction is provided with regard to identification, usage and handling of instruments. They learn how to set up, operate, and troubleshoot speciality equipment and various speciality surgical tables and positioning equipment used throughout the procedures. Industry reps are also invited to provide ancillary instruction throughout the 10-week training process.

One on one instruction at sim lab regarding sustainable products


Gathering together as a group to discuss information obtained from the didactic modules is necessary to bridge gaps in understanding and allow the students to strengthen comprehension of essential procedures. Various scenarios are reviewed by education specialists to encourage critical thinking skills.

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